FULL LL.M. program

The LL.M. in French and European Union Law, specialization in Taxation Law, Business Law and Compliance is a highly selective program that will strengthen your capabilities to work in an international business environment. 

This program is entirely taught in English and offers a unique opportunity for non-native French speakers to study French and European taxation and business law.

Classes and seminars are held by both international academics and renowned professionals from prestigious international firms based in Paris.

After successful completion of the program, students may obtain two diplomas: a specialized LLM University Degree and a national Master’s degree:

  • Students holding a Juris Doctor (JD), a LL.B. (4 years) or an equivalent recognized qualification in Legal Studies will be awarded both the specialized LLM University Degree and a national Master’s degree.
  • Students and professionals without a recognized qualification in Law will be awarded the specialized LLM University Degree.


=> We strongly recommend to read the detailed presentation Full LL.M. and the step by step guide Full LL.Mbefore applying to our LL.M./Master program !

Dual LL.M. progra

The dual LL.M. program is an exciting new venture which brings together two dynamic and highly rated law schools: the CY Cergy Paris Université and the University of Dundee, Scotland (UOD).

  • Students spend their first semester at CY and their second semester at UOD (total duration 1 year)
  • Students are taught  by acknowledged experts and gain an in depth knowledge of a wide range of contemporary law subjects from both a common law and a civil law perspective. 
Successful candidates will graduate with an LL.M. in International Commercial Law from UOD and an LL.M. in French and European Union Law, specialization Taxation Law, Business Law and Compliance from CY.

=> We recommend very strongly reading the detailed presentation Dual LL.M. and the step by step guide Dual LL.M. before applying to our LL.M./Master program!

How to apply

You can find complet information on the LL.M. page here